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Customer Centric KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

In order for a marketing organization to become customer-centric, it’s vital to develop and maintain a set of customer-oriented key performance indicators (KPIs). While there are many good reasons to continue monitoring marketing metrics that are not customer-centric -- like sales by SKU or revenue generated by channel -- a customer-centric marketing approach requires shifting towards a view of how individual customers are behaving over time, and how the organization can maximize the value of every customer relationship.

In this section, we break out KPIs into high-level metrics (Executive Level) that indicate the overall performance of a company’s customer-centric marketing strategy, and tactical metrics (Managerial Level) that highlight concrete marketing opportunities.

Get your customer-centric KPI cheatsheet

If you want to get your marketing team up to speed on measuring customer-centricity, this cheatsheet is a good start.

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